Kyocera TASKalfa 6054ci Specification



Remote working have taken center stage and the importance of robust and agile multifunctional product has quickly become evident. We present to you the TASKalfa 6054ci : the solutions that work for you in this new business era.


  • Multifunctional color Print, copy, scan
  • A3 color Laser
  • Print speed A4 60/60 ppm (Mono/Color)
  • Scanning Speed A4 100/200 ipm (Simplex/Duplex)
  • High quality output at 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Reliable media handling A6R - Max. SRA3(320mm x 450mm)
  • Paper weight up to 300 g/m²
  • 10.1" color touch panel



Efficient document sharing

Shifting paper documents and filing systems to digital forms provides the solutions to documents sharing for remote-working, no matter wherever you are. What's more, OCR processing works with your scanner to convert printed characters into digital text and then share the scan data to the cloud or your local system.

Remote control: safe and easy

KYOCERA MyPanel allows you to use your own smartphone or tablet as the control panel of the device. Users can perform copy, print, and scan functions from your own mobile devices, without physically touching the control panel of the MFP.

Optimal security

Complies with the standard for international computer security certification (ISO/IEC 15408)*. We have expanded our security features to provide even greater protection to your business under different document operations, including document data conversion, temporary storage, and outputs, etc.
*The application for certification is under process as of December 2020.


Product Specification



Main Function

Copy, Print, Scan, Fax (Optional)

Writing Method

Semiconductor Laser




1200 x 1200 dpi, 4,800 Equivalent x 1200 dpi

PDL & Emulation

PRESCRIBE, PCL6 (PCL-XL, PCL 5c), KPDL3 (Postscript 3 compatible), XPS,
OpenXPS, PDF Direct Print Ver. 2.0

First Print Out Time (Mono/Color)

TASKalfa 2554ci : 7.0/9.2 seconds
TASKalfa 3554ci : 5.9/7.7 seconds
TASKalfa 4054ci : 5.1/6.5 seconds
TASKalfa 5054ci : 4.3/5.4 seconds
TASKalfa 6054ci : 3.8/5.1 seconds
TASKalfa 7054ci : 3.7/5.0 seconds

Supported Protocol

TCP/IP(IPv4/IPv6), Bonjour

Operating System Supported

Windows 8.1/10, Windows Server 2012/2012 R2/2016/2019,
Mac OS X(10.9~), Google Chrome OS


Ethernet (1000Base-T/100Base-TX/10Base-T)x1, USB 3.0x1, USB Host Interface (USB Host)x4, NFC TAGx1



Copy Size

Max. A3 (Ledger) - Min. A6R (StatementR)


Scanning: 600 x 600 dpi ; Writing: 1200 x 1200 dpi multiple value

First Copy Time (Mono/Color)

TASKalfa 2554ci : 6.4/8.5 seconds
TASKalfa 3554ci : 5.3/7.0 seconds
TASKalfa 4054ci : 4.5/5.9 seconds
TASKalfa 5054ci : 3.7/4.8 seconds
TASKalfa 6054ci : 3.4/4.4 seconds
TASKalfa 7054ci : 3.4/4.4 seconds

Zoom Ratio

25% - 400% (1% per Step)

Multiple Copy

1 - 9999



Original size

Table: Max. A3 (Ledger)
DP: Max. A3 (Ledger) - Min. A6R (DP-7140 is A5R)
Banner: Max. 1,900mm


600 x 600 dpi, 400 x 400 dpi, 300 x 300 dpi, 200 x 200 dpi, 200 x 100 dpi, 200 x 400 dpi

File Format

TIFF, JPEG, XPS, OpenXPS, PDF (MMR/JPG compression/High-compression PDF), PDF/A-2, Encrypted PDF,
Searchable PDF (Optional), MS Office file(Optional)

Image Type Mode

Text, Photo, Text + Photo, Text (Fine Line)

Send Method

SMB (Version 3.0), SMTP, FTP, FTPoverSSL, USB,
TWAIN Source (Network), WIA Driver (Network), DFS, DSM

Address Storage

2,000 addresses (Common address list), 500 groups (Group address list)



Original Size

Max. A3 (Ledger) - Min. A6R (StatementR), Banner: 1,600mm

Coding Method


Transmission Speed

33.6 kbps

Transmission Time

Less than 3 sec. (With JBIG)





Main Function

Copy, Print, Scan, Fax (Optional)

Writing Method

Semiconductor Laser


ARM A53 1.6GHz

Print Speed (A4) (Mono/Color)

TASKalfa 2554ci : 25/25 ppm
TASKalfa 3554ci : 35/35 ppm
TASKalfa 4054ci : 40/40 ppm
TASKalfa 5054ci : 50/50 ppm
TASKalfa 6054ci : 60/60 ppm
TASKalfa 7054ci : 70/70 ppm

Scanning Speed (A4) 300dpi

TASKalfa 2554ci :
Simplex : 50 ipm
Duplex : 16 ipm
TASKalfa 3554ci :
Simplex : 50 ipm
Duplex : 16 ipm
TASKalfa 4054ci :
Simplex : 80 ipm
Duplex : 48 ipm
TASKalfa 5054ci :
Simplex : 100 ipm
Duplex : 200 ipm
TASKalfa 6054ci :
Simplex : 100 ipm
Duplex : 200 ipm
TASKalfa 7054ci :
Simplex : 100 ipm
Duplex : 200 ipm


Standard 4GB (Max. 4GB)

SSD/HDD Capacity

TASKalfa 2554ci :SSD 32GB (Standard) / HDD 320GB or 1TB (Optional)
TASKalfa 3554ci 4054ci 5054ci 6054ci 7054ci : SSD 64GB (Standard) / HDD 320GB or 1TB (Optional)

Stable Time (From the mainpower ON)

TASKalfa 2554ci 3554ci :18 seconds
TASKalfa 4054ci 5054ci 6054ci 7054ci : 17 seconds
TASKalfa 7054ci : 26 seconds

Paper Capacity

Standard :
2 x 500 sheets (Cassette) + 150 sheets (MPT) (A4 / Letter size or less equivalent to 80 g/m2)
2 x 600 sheets (Cassette) + 165 sheets (MPT) (A4 / Letter size or less equivalent to 64 g/m2)
Maximum :
7,150 sheets (Main Unit + 2 x 1,500 sheets PF-7150 x1 + 3,000 sheets PF-7120 x1 + MPT)

Paper Size

Cassette :
Min. A6R - Max. SRA3(320mm x 450mm); Cassette 1 Min. A6R – Max. A4R (Legal)
Min. A6R - Max. SRA3(320mm x 450mm) & Banner Print (1,220mm x 304.8mm)

Paper Weight

Cassette : 52~300 g/m² MPT : 52~300 g/m² Banner paper 136~163 g/m²

Duplex Printing

Paper size: Min. A6R - Max. SRA3(320mm x 450mm) ; Paper weight: 60~256 g/m²

Output Capacity

Max. 500 sheets + 100 sheets face-down with Inner Job Separator

Control Panel

10.1 inch Color Touch LCD Panel

Dimension (W x D x H) (Main Unit)

602mm x 665mm x 790mm

Weight (Main Unit)

TASKalfa 2554ci 3554ci : Approx. 90 kg
TASKalfa 4054ci 5054ci 6054ci 7054ci : Approx. 95 kg

Power Consumption Copy/Print Mode

TASKalfa 2554ci : 450W
TASKalfa 3554ci : 590W
TASKalfa 4054ci : 660W
TASKalfa 5054ci : 780W
TASKalfa 6054ci : 990W
TASKalfa 7054ci : 1,140W

Power Consumption Stand-by Mode

TASKalfa 2554ci 3554ci : 40W
TASKalfa 4054ci 5054ci 6054ci 7054ci : 45W

Power Consumption Energy Saver


Noise(ISO7779/ ISO9296) Copy/Print Mode (Mono/Color)

TASKalfa 2554ci : 66dB/67dB
TASKalfa 3554ci : 68dB/69dB
TASKalfa 4054ci : 70dB/70dB
TASKalfa 5054ci : 71dB/71dB
TASKalfa 6054ci : 73dB/73dB
TASKalfa 7054ci : 74dB/74dB

Noise(ISO7779/ ISO9296) Stand-by Mode




Toner Kit

TASKalfa 2554ci :
TK-8360 (C/M/Y):
12,000 pages
TK-8360 (K):
25,000 pages
TASKalfa 3554ci :
TK-8370 (C/M/Y):
20,000 pages
TK-8370 (K):
30,000 pages
TASKalfa 4054ci :
TK-8540 (C/M/Y):
20,000 pages
TK-8540 (K):
30,000 pages
TASKalfa 5054ci 6054ci 7054ci :
TK-8550 (C/M/Y): 24,000 pages
TK-8550 (K): 40,000 pages

Maintenance Kit

TASKalfa 2554ci 3554ci :
MK-8335 (A/B): 200,000 pages
MK-8345 (D/E): 600,000 pages
TASKalfa 4054ci 5054ci 6054ci :
MK-8535 (A/B): 600,000 pages
TASKalfa 7054ci :
MK-8545 (A), MK-8535 (B): 600,000 pages

  • All specifications subject to change without notice


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